4 Ways Diabetics Can Remain Stress-Free During the Holidays!

Stress is notorious for elevating blood sugar levels. This effect is the result of the release of certain hormones in the body and can make it difficult to control your diabetes even when you take medication. Plus, the effect is the same for those under mental stress or physical stress. It’s just not good!

Maintaining Lower Stress Levels

When you have holiday celebrations and family dinners to go to, it usually results in some strain. There may be people you don’t like at these gatherings, or your relatives like to pester you about certain things in your life. Maybe you are even responsible for preparing and hosting the event, without much help from the guests!

Well, you’ll need to keep those nerves calm for your health and your blood sugar levels. Here are a few ways you can manage it!

#1 Ask Yourself Do You Have To Do Everything?

For some families, there are a lot of holiday traditions that have built up over the years. Eating dinner at one or more person’s homes, taking advantage of the Black Friday Sales, even going out caroling or attending Midnight Mass. It gets to be overwhelming, but you feel like you have to make the most of the holiday and go to every event. Or do you? Ask yourself if you really need to participate in every event. If not, just go to one or two. You may also be able to space out activities over more days to ease your strain during the holidays.

#2 Do Things a Little Differently

If you are usually the host and it is getting to be overwhelming, ask around to see if someone else would like to take on the role. Perhaps there is someone waiting in the wings to be the family’s holiday host, with your assistance.

#3 Don’t Compare Your Family To Others

In the United States, there is this idealized vision of the Norman Rockwell family celebration that we all strive to achieve in some way. However, everyone has a different experience during the holidays. Not all of them are going to match that image. Nor should it. Just focus on having the best day that you can without being stressed out about it.

#4 Step Away for a Few Minutes

When the same old family arguments and high-pressure preparations of the turkey dinner get to be too much, get out! Not really, but you can leave the room for five to fifteen minutes to give yourself a break. Go take a brisk walk. Sit down in a private place and meditate. Or even catch a cat nap to refresh yourself. All of these options will help lower those stress hormones and keep you calmer.

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