5 Air Travel Tips for People with Diabetes

If you’re traveling during the holidays, there are precautions that you should take to ensure a happy and safe trip.

Here are five travel tips to keep in mind before flying out.

Visit your doctor. Treat yourself to a check-up and discuss with your doctor if there is any need to sort out your pills and insulin injections. The medical team can provide you with useful tips if ever you were to find yourself in a pitch. Be sure to ask your doctor to provide you with a document that entitles you to carry medical supplies (e.g. needles, syringes) on board. Swing by the pharmacy as well to get the up-to-date list of your meds and their dosage.

Packing. To prevent luggage loss, theft, and accidental breakage from denying you access to your medications, pack them in various storage areas (carry-on luggage, purse, backpack). Insulin should not be stored in checked luggage due to the extreme temperature it can be exposed to.

Diabetic meals. Some airlines offer diabetic-friendly meals. For airlines that don’t, you can still give them a call and see if they can work something out for your meals and other whatnots (e.g. snacks delivery, carb facts).

Stretch and walk. Most of us are tempted to slouch on our seat for the whole trip (*guilty*). Some people with diabetes, particularly those with uncontrolled glycemia, suffer from poor circulation. Sitting for a long period worsen this condition and can cause your feet to swell up. So don’t be lazy: get up, walk around, and do some stretching.

Stay hydrated. One of the many things I hate about air travel is using the washrooms. Have you entered the washroom just before landing? I dare you to. Small, cramped, and smelly, I try my best to keep my urine production to a minimum. Not my best ideas and one that you should not follow. Dehydration can cause your blood sugar levels to soar, especially if they have a tendency to do so already.

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