5 Diet Tips to Prevent Diabetes

diet tips to prevent diabetes

Taking care of your diet is one of the first measures to manage type 2 diabetes. In a similar fashion, preventing diabetes is best done by regulating your dietary habits. Here are the best diet tips to prevent diabetes.

Eat Less Meals a Day

Older studies suggested that eating six smaller meals every day is good for treating diabetes, but new studies have yielded different results. A 2014 study found that eating only breakfast and lunch can help you lose weight and reduce several diabetes markers like glucagon and fasting plasma glucose.

Stick to a Narrow Diet

While a diverse diet can hardly be called unhealthy, research suggests that it could increase the risk of diabetes. According to a 2015 study, you might be better off eating a limited amount of healthy foods.

Eat Whole Fruit

What we mean by “whole fruit” is “don’t just drink juice”. While a diet rich in fresh fruit is linked to a decreased diabetes risk, the reverse can be said for fruit juices. This is because whole fruit contains healthy fiber and fruit juice is filled with sugars.

Eat Yogurt

One of the best diet tips to prevent diabetes is to include yogurt in your diet. A Harvard study found that adding just one more serving of yogurt to your daily diet could decrease your risk of diabetes by as much as 18%.

Eat Whole Grains

Fiber and whole-grains are often mentioned as one of the key foods to prevent diabetes. Include some healthy grains in your breakfast and enjoy a sugar-free future.


If you want to manage your blood sugar levels, follow these diet tips to prevent diabetes. Choose some that work for you and remember to limit your intake of added sugars.

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