5 Drool-Worthy Chia Seed Recipes to Lower Blood Sugar

Chia, but not the pet.

If you haven’t jumped on the chia seed bandwagon yet, then now is the time to do it. These tiny little seeds are powerhouses of nutrition that can seriously help you manage your blood glucose and keep you feeling full all day long.

They are perhaps best-known for their high fiber content, though they are, truthfully, better than your standard high fiber foods. Why? Because their gelatinous nature absorbs liquids both in your bowl and in your bowels. As you digest the chia seeds, they pull all the liquid and everything else in your digestive tract down with them.

All of this high fiber work slows down the absorption of nutrients, including glucose. This, in turn, helps prevent spikes in blood glucose. Fewer spikes in blood glucose mean lower and more stable glucose levels throughout the day.

They are also high in fatty acids, making them an excellent brain food. They are naturally packed with antioxidants, which will help you combat the daily damage that comes with diabetes.

Ready to give them a try?

Of course, you are.

If you don’t know where to begin, try these five super easy and super delicious recipes:


1. Cinnamon Chia Pudding

Suggested serving

I have to admit that this is my favorite recipe of all time, as simple as it is. This recipe is very easy and straightforward so it’s a good place to start. You can try it blended or unblended to see which texture you prefer. The bonus? The added cinnamon makes it even better in regulating glucose.

2. Overnight Chocolate Chia Seed Pudding

Suggested serving

This recipe is such a treat because it makes you feel like you’re eating something naughty but it is actually SO good for you. The raw cacao provides a wealth of antioxidants and a good dose of magnesium, which relaxes the intestinal walls so that you can pass bowel movements more easily. Combined with an all-natural sweetener, such as Medjool dates, this recipe is to die for.

3. Raspberry Lemonade Chia Drink

Suggested serving

Lots of people are throwing chia seeds in water and squeezing lime into it. While this is certainly a drink that you can make (and enjoy!), I feel like you should also know that this variation exists. It is easy, delicious, and refreshing. Perfect for both glucose management and this hot summer.

4. Quinoa Chia See Protein Bars

Suggested serving

Eating protein-rich foods helps you feel fuller for longer. The problem? Most proteins come from animals, which can ultimately wreak havoc on your digestive tract and your heart. Try swapping out your meat-based protein every once in awhile for this tasty protein bar.

5. Chia Chipotle Dressing

Suggested serving

You don’t necessarily have to create a sweet treat in order to get your daily dose of chia seeds. You can even throw them into your salad dressings, like in this smoky chia chipotle dressing. Give it a try!