5 Fitness Blogs to Help You Kick Diabetes to The Curb

Type 2 diabetes is a direct result of poor lifestyle choices. Packaged foods, desk jobs, and high-stress levels have left half of the nation in a pre-diabetic state.

Diabetes is sweeping through the nation and killing more people than cancer or accidents.

Yeah. It’s serious.

So, here are five blogs to help get you up and moving, again.

#1 Blogilates

Cassy Ho has the cutest personality with a lot of fire and a great smile. She has tons of videos online with exercises that are easy to do basically anywhere. They kick your butt and make your muscles burn, but they’re all usually under 15 minutes. She even has downloadable calendars so that you can follow her workout routines each week.

#2 The Body Coach

Joe, behind The Body Coach, focuses on clean eating and HIIT workouts. Start following his Instagram feed to get daily tips on how to clean up your body. You will also find helpful videos and inspiration, a win-win!

#3 Tone It Up

Karena Dawn & Katrina Scott have created a virtual empire in the health and fitness industry. Their fun social media presence makes it a breeze to engage. Their videos are completely doable and leave you feeling empowered by the end.

#4 Bikini Body Guides

Kayla Itsines is an Instagram sensation, thanks to her long limbs and do-from-home workouts. Scroll through her Instagram account or search the #BBG hashtag to see just how much Kayla is changing the world with her programs.

#5 Amanda Bisk

Amanda is super cute but a fierce athlete. She was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and dedicated her life to not feeling tired. Now, her website has tons of booty-busting videos and helpful tips. She even organizes getaways for fitness retreats on her website.

Take a look at each blog and see if any motivate you. Give it a try! Your health matters.

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