5 Foods to Eat If You Have Gestational Diabetes

foods for gestational diabetics

If you have gestational diabetes, you may be wondering what you can eat. You want your pregnancy to thrive. But, you don’t want to make diabetes worse. Here are 5 tips for gestational diabetics.

1. Eat Protein for Every Major Meal

You may snack many times a day. But, when you finally sit down for a meal make sure it contains protein. Additionally, remember that a quarter of your portion needs to include protein. This can include known protein foods like meats and cheese.

2. Incorporate Fruits and Vegetables – Daily

Next, you already know that eating daily servings of fruits and vegetables is part of an average healthy diet. For this portion of your diet, the American Diabetes Association recommends 50% of your portion be non-starchy veggies.

Fruits, on the other hand, you should be careful about. Since your insulin sensitivity changed, certain fruits have higher sugar content than others. Overeating fruit can spike your blood glucose levels.

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Eat Fats

Although you still need to be careful about the fats you eat, don’t avoid them completely. Try to stick to plant-based “good fats.” The MUFAs (monounsaturated fatty acids) are what they call healthy fats.

These are the types of fats that help you stay heart-healthy. But, some research suggests that it can also help you control blood glucose and insulin levels.

4. Say Good-Bye to Processed Foods

Next, you should avoid processed and fried foods. Processed and fried foods have added sugars and unhealthy fats. This could send your blood levels out of control, and make you gain weight.

5. Practice Portion Control

Lastly, practice good portion control. You have to keep your weight manageable if you have diabetes. You also don’t want to oversaturate your body with foods that will cause complications.

Final Thoughts

There is a fine line to walk if you are pregnant with diabetes. But, luckily the foods for gestational diabetics are also common sense for a healthy diet.