5 Probiotic-Rich Foods Every Diabetic Should Include in Their Diet

Research has shown that probiotics may help diabetics control blood sugar levels. It seems these good bacteria in your gut produce compounds that make it easier for the body’s cells to absorb and make use of insulin. Plus, there are many other study backed health benefits associated with eating probiotic-rich foods.

If you are interested in adding more probiotics to your diet, here are five foods laden with the friendly bacteria to get you started.


#1 Sauerkraut

This probiotic food is a very popular topping on hot dogs, sausages, and even some sandwiches. Sauerkraut is made by fermenting cabbage in salt water. The unpasteurized, cultured version of this tangy, sour condiment is filled with good bacteria that may help improve digestion. It also contains a lot of fiber, which helps slow the digestion of food, including carbohydrates.

#2 Kimchi

A cabbage-based dish, kimchi is made with cabbage fermented in a selection of spices and fish sauce. It can be seasoned with pepper flakes, garlic, and scallions. This dish also contains plenty of fiber and helpful bacteria in its unpasteurized form. You may find kimchi made with other vegetables or a mix of vegetables too.

#3 Kefir

This fermented milk product takes a little getting used to but it contains a range of friendly bacteria and yeast. Kefir has a very strong sour taste, much more so than yogurt. However, it has been found to be beneficial for digestion, bone health, and even to fight against infection.


#4 Pickles

We don’t often think of it, but pickles are a fermented product. You simply need to look for homemade pickles or pickles that aren’t pasteurized. These sour and salty dills are a popular choice for condiments or just to snack on. They may also be an easy addition to your diet as a familiar and traditional food.

#5 Yogurt

Perhaps one of the easiest probiotic foods to find is yogurt. There are rows and rows of the fermented creamy product in your local grocery store dairy aisle. While yogurt only contains a few strains of active probiotics, there is plenty of research to back up its benefit for your digestive, cardiovascular, and bone health. Just remember to look for a plain unsweetened yogurt that you can flavor at home to cut the carbs.


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