5 Quick Snacks Diabetics Should Keep At Work

Despite the best management and best of intentions, low blood sugar happens. When low blood sugar strikes, it is sometimes difficult to find a quick snack to give yourself a sustainable increase in blood sugar, and the temptation to reach for a fast sugary snack (think a doughnut or cookie) is high.

Keep these 5 healthy, quick snacks ready to eat at work to avoid blood sugar lows.

#1. Nuts

Nuts are an excellent snack, as most contain sugar, protein, and fiber. Whether you munch on cashews, almonds, or walnuts, a handful of nuts (think ¼-½ cup) will help pick up your blood sugar while keeping cravings and hunger at bay. Nuts can be combined with the other items on this list for a more hearty, filling snack.

#2. Bananas

Bananas are particularly great for a quick blood sugar pick-me-up. Loaded with nutrients, potassium, and fiber, bananas offer a hefty source of sugar without sacrificing nutrient content and staying power.

#3. Nut Butter

Most nut butters do not require refrigeration and can be kept in the break room. They can be eaten alongside your favorite fruit or a handful of nuts or alone. Whatever your preference, nut butters can be easier to digest than whole nuts, all the while providing the nutrients and a means of filling up.

#4. Yogurt

Yogurt is a great option for individuals who work in an office or other settings with access to a refrigerator. Eaten with granola or even plain, yogurt gives you a solid amount of protein and natural sugars, as well as fats to keep you full longer. When looking for a yogurt pack to keep on hand, avoid any with added sugar and opt instead for an unflavored Greek yogurt.

#5. Cheese

Again, this option requires a refrigerator, but cheese is a great way to provide a quick blood increase and contains both sugar and protein which will help ward off cravings and hunger pains. Like yogurt, cheese can be eaten many ways, whether it is alone in small strips, or paired with some pear or apple slices.

Whether you work in an office or are the proud proprietor of a bakery, having snacks on hand is a must for men and women with diabetes to boost unexpected blood sugar drops and to prevent the consumption of items that will provide sugar boosts without the additional health benefits.

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