6 Signs of Type 1 Diabetes in Children You Shouldn’t Ignore

signs of type 1 diabetes

None of these signs proves anything by itself. There could be other reasons. But these signs are worth checking out. Being on the alert for signs of type 1 diabetes in your child could help shorten the time it takes to get help.

And it can strike unbelievably fast.

Why Diabetes is So Destructive

Diabetes interrupts the normal process of taking in energy (food) and distributing it throughout your body. In type 1, the cells in the pancreas responsible for balancing your blood sugar are being destroyed. So:

  • Not enough sugar in your cells to supply the energy they need.
  • Too much sugar in your bloodstream, interfering with bodily processes. Capillaries are especially vulnerable because they’re so small. And you have capillaries in every part of your body, so many different bodily systems can be affected by this one disease.

#1-Increased Thirst and/or Urination

Sugar is hygroscopic – it attracts and holds water. So too much of it in your bloodstream pulls water out of your cells. The body needs more water, but it also needs to flush out the overload of sugar and water in your blood.

One Clue: Toilet-trained children might start wetting the bed again.

#2-Increased Hunger

The energy from food isn’t getting where it needs to go. So even while taking in a lot of food, the body feels like it’s starving.

#3-Weight Loss and/or Fatigue

Again, even with all that food, the body isn’t getting what it needs to maintain normal weight or energy. These are among the more confusing signs of type 1 diabetes.

#4-Fruity Breath

Your body has less glucose to use for metabolism, so it burns ketones. They smell fruity. And that’s probably fine for people on a ketogenic diet. But when it’s not your idea, when it’s the result of a metabolic disease, it’s serious. And it can get worse.

#5-Yeast Infections

Yeast love sugar. Diabetes can lead to an increase in diaper rashes, and even genital yeast infections in girls.

#6-Blurry Vision

High blood sugar in the capillaries of the eyes can blur your child’s vision.


Along with behavioral changes, these are important signs of type 1 diabetes. And the faster you catch it, the sooner your child can start treatment.

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