What Is Allulose and How Safe Is It for Diabetics?

What Is Allulose and sweeteners that can lower blood sugar

It can be challenging to cut sugar out of your diet completely. Thus, there is a big demand for healthy sweeteners that can lower blood sugar levels. This article will look into a new sweetener available on the market.

What You Need to Know About Allulose

Allulose is a sweetener that looks a lot like sugar. It also tastes the same. The chemical formula of allulose matches the formula of fructose.

This sweetener comes from natural sources. For example, figs and raisins are rich in allulose. It’s present in wheat as well.

So why is this sweetener increasingly popular?

  • Easier to Digest

Your gut bacteria cannot ferment allulose. Hence, you won’t have to deal with bloating or other issues.

  • Low Calorie Count

Allulose is a fairly low-calorie sweetener. You need ten milligrams of allulose to match the calorie count of one milligram of table sugar.

  • It Can Help You Control Your Blood Sugar

Experts say that allulose could help diabetes patients manage their condition. But what makes this one of the top sweeteners that can lower blood sugar levels?

Allulose and Diabetes

Allulose doesn’t increase your blood sugar levels. Furthermore, it seems that it lowers them.

Research indicates that people who have consumed allulose will have better blood sugar levels immediately. This is true for those with prediabetes as well as entirely healthy people.

However, most of the experimentation so far was done on animals. There are still trials underway. Allulose is probably safe to use with diabetes, but science hasn’t confirmed it yet.

A Final Word

If you have diabetes, you should look into sweeteners that can lower blood sugar levels. But moderation is still extremely important.

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