The Amazing Benefits of Ginger Root for Diabetics

This spicy rhizome is a big part of Chinese cuisine. Yet, it has also been found to provide a host of benefits useful to diabetics. From controlling blood sugar to fighting cancer, let’s have a glance at some of the amazing benefits of ginger root!

Research Shows That Ginger Helps Control Blood Sugar!

There are multiple studies showing that ginger may keep blood sugar levels down. For instance, a 2015 study followed a group of 41 people with type two diabetes for about 12 weeks. Each day the participants were given 2 grams of ginger to eat. At the end of the study, their fasting blood sugar levels were about 12% lower on average. They were also found to have lowered A1C and reduced blood markers for LDL cholesterol and certain free radicals.

Another animal study looked at obese rats in 2014. During this program, the rats were given a mixture of ginger and cinnamon. Over the course of the study, the rats lost weight, lost body fat, enjoyed lower blood glucose levels, and boasted increased insulin levels.

Ginger May Also Protect Your Heart

The previously mentioned 2015 study indicated that ginger had some beneficial effects for the cardiovascular system by appearing to reduce the amount of LDL cholesterol in participants who all had high cholesterol levels. Another 2008 study of 85 patients at two cardiac clinics also backs this up.

During the course of this 2008 study, the patients were split into two groups. One group received 3 grams of ginger per day in capsules, and the placebo group received 3 grams of lactose in capsules daily. At the end of 45 days, the researchers found that the patients receiving the ginger root powder had significantly lowered triglyceride and cholesterol levels, including very low-density lipoprotein levels.

It Might Fight Cancer!

Diabetics are also at increased risk of developing cancer, which you’ve no doubt heard before. Ginger’s potential cancer-fighting abilities are an added bonus for anyone taking it to help control blood glucose levels. This rhizome contains a chemical called, gingerol, which is a potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Some early, limited studies indicate that this chemical may help prevent pancreatic cancer, breast cancer, and ovarian cancer.


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