Why Chocolate Benefits Diabetics

Let’s all take a moment to appreciate the unsung heroes, scientists, in this chocolate research. They are always looking for reasons to support consuming naughty things, like chocolate, coffee, and red wine.

Scientists are just like us!

Chocolate is Linked to Reduced Heart Disease

Since diabetics have a seriously increased risk for heart disease, it seems natural that this study applies to them.

The massive study followed over 55,000 individuals for 14 years. The participants completed a food survey to determine their dietary habits during that time. They collected data on their heart health at the end of the study, as well.

The key to collecting the data, though, was in the details of this survey. Rather than simply asking participants about what they thought they were eating, they used a survey that accurately outlined their diets without much error involved (human or otherwise).

Once they collected the data, they did some fancy mathematical work to make sure that they were ruling out the possibility that the results were due to calorie intake, smoking or drinking, weight, and other similar factors. In the end, all that they were left with was the information on whether or not chocolate consumption was related to heart disease.

They found that the participants who had 1-3 one-ounce piece of chocolate per month were 10% less likely to experience heart disease.

How cool is that?

A one-ounce piece of dark chocolate once per month is hardly a task. With cacao levels higher than 70%, you are basically indulging in a superfood that provides way more benefits than drawbacks.

So, chocolate lovers rejoice. We can finally eat chocolate unabashedly.

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