Diabetes & Exercise – Change Up Your Routine With Hula Hooping

Following the same old exercise routine day after day can get a little stagnant. Which is bad because boredom puts you at risk of stopping your workouts altogether. Keep your activity levels up by adding a new element in the form of hula hooping.

Yes, this is no longer just a child’s toy!

Hula Your Way To Health

Many people remember playing with hula hoops when they were young. In fact, your children probably pull them out during the summertime too. Despite not having batteries, electronics, or loud noises, hula hoops are still a favorite toy.

They are also a potential exercise tool.

Adults can still play with these toys differently. Weighted, larger sized hoops are available for those who want to improve their health. The addition of ball bearings or use of heavier materials in their construction means that it takes more muscle to keep the hoop moving when you work out. In turn, you’ll tighten your core and burn more calories.

Benefits Of Hula Hooping

You’ll burn about seven calories a minute and around 210 calories per half hour of hula hooping. This is comparable to jogging about two miles! There are lots of other reasons to take up the practice too

  • Hooping increases your heart rate, improving oxygenation and your cardiovascular health.
  • Regular workouts help develop your abdominal muscles and muscles in other spots. You can use small hoops to work your arms, legs, chest, and neck.
  • You’ll also burn fat in your stomach, which can help reduce the risks of cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.
  • Hula hooping also increases flexibility in the stomach, back, hips, and legs.

As more experience is gained, you’ll also find that it improves coordination and might even lead you to take an interest in dancing. Some people practice hoop dancing with decorated hoops and music in an elaborate, but fun, display.

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