Is Diabetes Making Your Nails Yellow?

yellow nails

The condition of your nails can be the tell-tale sign of a developing health condition. Changes in the nail’s color, thickness, or texture can often be early symptoms of a disease. Everyone should pay more attention to these changes, but yellow nails are of particular concern for diabetics.

This article will explain why observing the nail condition is important for diabetics, and how the changes should be taken seriously.

What Causes Yellow Nails?

Nails can start to turn yellowish for many different reasons, including yellow nail syndrome, lung infections, jaundice, psoriasis, thyroid gland problems, overuse of nail polish, and fungus. And then there’s diabetes.

Diabetes can cause glucose to attach to the protein called collagen commonly found in nails. This will cause the nails to turn yellowish but will not require any treatment as it is harmless.

Diabetics are also more likely to contract infections, as high blood sugar levels weaken the immune system. Infections can also cause yellow nails, and these conditions are far from harmless.

The Risks Associated With Yellow Nails

Onychomycosis is a fungal infection of toenails which commonly affects diabetics. As a result, the nails become fragile and yellowish. Sharp and thick toenails can cause small injuries to the feet and allow for the infection to spread further. Small cuts may pass unnoticed because of nerve damage caused by diabetes.

People with diabetes should check their toenails for any changes more often. If you notice anything odd-looking regarding texture and color, or any sores and cuts, you should seek professional help.

Many effective treatments are available for yellow nails, but it is best to start early.

A Final Word

Together with a healthy diet, exercise, and medications, proper foot care is also important for diabetics. Check your feet for any injuries, cuts or toenail problems regularly to prevent infections.

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