Diabetic Alert Dogs Are Waiting to Protect Your Life with Unconditional Love

A lot of people that suffer from type 1 diabetes don’t realize that diabetic alert dogs exist. If they do, whispers of high expenses might keep them away. You can’t blame them. It’s difficult to spend thousands of dollars upfront on anything, let alone an animal. This is why you must know that you no longer have to spend thousands upfront. The stigma behind diabetic alert dogs ends now. The truth is, you can find financial aid and payment plans for basically any diabetic alert dog service out there. In fact, the Diabetic Alert Dogs of America put right on their website: “We believe that finances should not get in the way of your obtaining a Diabetic Alert Dog and ensuring your well-being.”

No, they shouldn’t!

What exactly is a diabetic alert dog?

Similar to how police canines are trained to sniff out drugs, diabetic alert dogs are trained to sniff out the chemical shifts caused by the increase and decrease of blood sugar levels in type 1 diabetes patients. Whether the issue is hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia, the diabetic alert dogs are able to identify and alert their handlers. This gives the person time to take their insulin, glucose, etc. before any danger hits. Physicality aside, diabetic alert dogs are just as loving as they are intelligent. Having a canine companion by your side will help with a stable mentality, a productive lifestyle, and a fuzzy cutie to cuddle when you’re feeling lonely.

The Process

The top recommendation for obtaining a diabetic alert dog is via the Diabetic Alert Dogs of America. Their process is fairly simple: you fill out an application, a representative will get in contact, and you will be shown various dogs based on your personal preferences. After you choose your new companion, the Diabetic Alert Dogs of America will begin an extensive training program with the pup. This introduces the only downside – an approximate wait time of 6 months to a year. Do not forget that patience is a virtue – when the pup is deemed trained and matured, it will be delivered to your front doorstep…literally!

Getting the Pup

Now comes the fun part: bonding! You are legally allowed to bring your diabetic alert dog with you anywhere, and it is highly recommended that you utilize this privilege. In the event of low or high blood pressure, the last thing you want is to be unaware. This is exactly what your new companion has been trained for, so let them do their job! In the end, you will find yourself with more security and stability. This alone should make the decision to get a diabetic alert dog worth it, but if it’s not…who doesn’t want a lifelong confidante in the form of an adorable dog? Diabetes is a challenging existence to endure, but you don’t have to endure it alone.

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