How Diabetics Can Stay Committed to Losing Weight

For diabetics, it’s so important to drop a few pounds. Losing weight can help improve your insulin sensitivity, lower triglycerides, and reduced the risks of many health diseases and complications. It’s easy to pick a diet and maybe even stick to that diet for a few days or weeks. The hard part is staying committed to your weight loss plan in the long run. 

Start With a Solid Foundation

The best way to stay on your diet is to start with a great plan. Pick out a diet and exercise regimen that is realistic and that you’ll be able to stick to for years. Keeping weight off is all about changing your lifestyle, so you need a plan that can become a part of your life.


Many people set high weight loss goals, like fifty or one hundred pounds, which is achievable. However, you’ll also want to allow for the time needed to safely lose this weight. It can take a few years to lose one hundred pounds. Try creating a schedule with monthly goals to help yourself remain motivated on those long-term plans. A good target is one to two pounds lost per week.

Maintaining Your Routine

They say it takes about 30 days to establish a new habit. If you can stick out your diet, you’ll have a much easier time staying with it, hopefully, for years. But, it is difficult to stay motivated once the initial excitement of your new routine wears off.

How can you keep up the momentum? Developing a mini support system around your new lifestyle can be tremendously helpful.


Exercise Buddies

Start by setting up a weekly exercise routine with a friend. The peer pressure and risk of disappointing someone can help keep you from coming up with excuses not to go jogging or head to the gym. Working out with someone also makes exercise more fun.

Also, monitoring your progress with charts can give you an ongoing sense of accomplishment. Keep regular track of weight lost, calories burned, or miles walked. When you have time you can input this information into an app or a chart to see how far you’ve really come.


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