Here’s Why Good Skin Care Is Important for Diabetics

skin care is important for diabetics

About a third of people who have diabetes will develop skin problems as a result. Though these issues may start out small, they can lead to serious complications down the line. Consequently, doctors always stress that regular skin care is essential for people with diabetes.

Here are four things you need to know about diabetes and skin problems.

1. People with Diabetes Are Prone to Dry Skin

If you have diabetes, you almost certainly have to deal with dry skin. Due to poor circulation, your skin can’t get the hydration that it needs. When you are shopping for soap and other cosmetics, go for the mildest options to avoid drying your skin out even more.

2. Because of Numbness, Diabetics May Not Notice Skin Problems

If you experience numbness in your feet, you may not notice small cuts and calluses, and your skin may crack without you knowing about it. Since the skin of your feet is extra-dry, you should carefully check it every night for damage, and always apply skin care creams or petroleum jelly.

3. Diabetes Makes Infections Difficult to Treat

Here’s the main reason why skin care is important for people with diabetes. Common bacterial or fungal skin infections may become very hard to treat. They can also quickly lead to other complications.

Because dry skin is especially risk-prone, your most important step is to hydrate your skin as much as possible.

4. Some Skin Diseases Only Affect People With Diabetes

In addition to common infections, people with diabetes are sensitive to some rarer forms of skin disease. Additionally, diabetes medication can cause allergies that manifest as rashes or burns.


People who have diabetes are at a higher than average risk of developing a skin disease. These diseases may be painful, and can also be permanent. The worst part is that they can cause other health problems as well.

Daily skin care is essential for diabetics, and it should always include checking for skin damage. Dry skin is the cause of many issues, so your best bet is to stick to mild cosmetics and avoid using very hot or very cold water.

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