Do Men Have Different Diabetes Symptoms?

Men and women usually share many of the same symptoms when they have diabetes. Issues, such as increased thirst, losing weight, gaining weight, and increased appetite, are commonly associated with this metabolic disorder for both genders. But, there are a few additional symptoms of diabetes that only men are likely to experience.

Keep an eye out for these symptoms as they can be a sign of diabetes and an indicator that your metabolic disorder is already causing some damage to your body.

Problems With Sexual Health

Men with uncontrolled blood sugar levels may also start developing problems with their sexual health. Damage to the circulatory system or the autonomic nervous system caused by excess glucose may lead to erectile dysfunction and even retrograde ejaculation. Men with diabetes have a 20 to 75 percent higher risk of developing this issue compared to those who don’t have the metabolic disorder. However, there can be many potential causes of ED. So, if this your only symptom or a recent one, it’s good to check in with your doctor.

A decreased libido can also occur in diabetic men. This can result from the fatigue or tiredness associated with high blood sugar levels, depression, or even hormonal changes from sudden spikes or drops in glucose.

Feeling a Little Weaker?

Lowered testosterone levels may also affect your strength and energy levels as a result of diabetes. This hormone is primarily produced in the testes, which can be affected by nerve or circulatory system damage. Obesity and cardiovascular issues, both of which are associated with metabolic disorders, are also potential causes of Low-T. Even sleep disturbances and insomnia, also occasionally associated with high blood sugar levels, can hinder the production of testosterone.

You may even notice that you are starting to lose muscle mass, as building and maintaining muscle is helped by this hormone.


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