How to Remember to Test Your Blood Sugar Levels

It’s important to test your blood glucose levels at least once a day and up to several times daily. This allows you to keep a close eye on your sugar levels to avoid spikes, lows, and the complications that can develop from chronically elevated levels. But, it’s hard to remember to actually do the test.

I get it.

Think About When You Want To Test

Diabetics can check their blood sugar levels at any time. However, doctors may recommend that you test:

  • after each meal
  • when you wake up
  • when you fast
  • after exercise
  • when you go to bed
  • during the night

Pick the time that would be the most beneficial for your needs. For instance, if you are trying to change your lifestyle and want to make sure your diet isn’t elevating your blood sugar levels, you may want to check after meals.

Keep Your Glucose Meter In a Visible Spot

You may be tempted to keep your glucose meter in the bathroom medicine cabinet or a drawer out-of-the-way. But, these are not the ideal locations. Simply seeing your test kit can be an effective visual reminder. If you want to test after meals, keep it on the dinner table or near the kitchen. If you want to test when you first wake up or go to bed, keep it on your nightstand.

Set the Alarm

Use the alarm on your phone to remind you to test at a certain time each day. Just make sure the ringtone is loud enough to catch your attention. Many blood glucose meters also have an alarm function that you can also use as an audible reminder.

Start Tracking Your Results

Get a notebook or a phone app and use it to track your daily blood sugar results. Comparing your results from day to day can provide a personal challenge and help you aspire to daily goals. It also helps make these tests a part of your routine, so you’ll be less likely to forget.

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