Reverse Diabetes and Make Money

What if you could earn money to lose weight? Would you do it?

Well, it seems like that is a possibility, thanks to a new app called KrowdFit. This is the app that we have all been waiting for.

KrowdFit raises money for the platform, which offers rewards to people in exchange for making healthy choices.

Get Paid by KrowdFit to Be Healthy 

The app was created in 2010 by Jim Miller, the CEO of KrowdFit. Miller had previous experience running an uber-successful Visa rewards program with his startup company uTANGO. When that campaign proved to be successful, he realized that the same tenets could be applied to other industries.

Thus, KrowdFit was born.

The Bend, Ore. is the startup behind this app and it raised an additional $3.8 million from investors of KrowdFit. This money is available to provide incentives to users, both big and small. This budget has attracted major corporate users, where KrodFit makes most of its revenue.

Healthy Habits, According to KrowdFit

The platform encourages its users to be healthy by logging certain lifestyle markers throughout the day. Users log the following information with a wearable tracker:

  • Exercise
  • Steps taken
  • Food eaten
  • Sleep activity

Every time that a user records an activity, the user earns a new entry to the rewards that are currently available on the platform.

There are weekly, monthly, and quarterly rewards. The prizes are in cash form and are anywhere from $125 to $5,000. The fun part? They reward users at random.

While KrowdFire mostly works with corporate clients at the moment, there is ample opportunity for individuals to use this platform to incentivize healthy habits, as well.

If you are living with type 2 diabetes then this may be just the thing for you. By losing weight, improving your sleep habits, and eating a bountiful diet you can reverse your diagnosis and live a long, smooth life.


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