How Having a Rich Social Life May Lower Your Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Preventing type 2 diabetes

Preventing type 2 diabetes is an important issue that concerns everyone. It’s particularly crucial in late middle age and old age.

You may be at a heightened risk if you are overweight or you who have diabetic relatives. But studies show that loneliness is a risk factor as well. In other words, being socially engaged can be the key to preventing type 2 diabetes.

What’s Social Engagement Got to Do With It?

The link isn’t really clear yet. However, diabetes is just one of many chronic diseases linked to social isolation. So partaking in outings, taking up hobbies and joining clubs can protect your health in various ways.

Here are some of the ways that a good social life contributes to preventing type 2 diabetes:

Social Activity Lowers Your Stress Levels

Having friends and hobbies can help you deal with problems such workplace stress.

A Swedish study that gathered data for eleven years found a link between stress and type 2 diabetes. All the study subjects were women. Those who had little support from friends and family were much likelier to suffer from diabetes.

It Also Gets You Out of the House

You probably know that a sedentary lifestyle can put you at a heightened risk of diabetes. The people you are close may inspire you to start exercising. In some cases, this can save you from becoming diabetic.

Health Problems Become More Difficult to Ignore

Diabetes can come with untreated blood pressure problems and other issues. But social ties can help convince you to seek out treatment in time. You will also gain new information about health concerns through conversation and shared experiences.

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