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Men vs. Women: How Diabetes Differs Between the Genders

You may think that the risks of diabetes and its complications are the same for everyone, but medical research has found that this is...

Which Women Are More Likely to Develop Type 2 Diabetes?

Some women are more likely to develop type 2 diabetes than others. Sounds a little alarming, right? While type 2 diabetes is a disease caused...

How Statins Increase the Risk of Diabetes

Statins are drugs that are prescribed to decrease the cholesterol levels. These drugsĀ have also been shown to reduce the incidence of cardiovascular events such...
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Can Drinking Alcohol Help Reduce Your Diabetes Risk?

We often hear that drinking a glass of wine during lunch has many health benefits. Recent research shows that reducing diabetes risk may be...
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5 Tips to Keep Your Blood Sugar Levels Stable

Immediately after eating, blood sugar levels rise significantly even for healthy individuals. These are called blood sugar spikes, and they can cause damage to...
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