3 Tricks to Lower Your Blood-Sugar Fast!

Diabetics face an around the clock struggle to keep blood sugars under control. On occasion, you may find yourself with blood sugar levels that are more elevated than you would like, but not so high to demand taking more medication.

So, you might be wondering what can you do to lower your blood sugar significantly without relying on increased doses of medication? Well, here are three tips designed to help you lower your blood sugar quickly and naturally.

(1) Hydrate. Refreshing H2O. The more of it that you drink, the better you’ll feel. If you’re attempting to bring down your blood sugar, drink a couple glasses of water. Water will help flush out your system and reduce the glucose in the bloodstream.
(2)Exercise. Start moving around. Exercise is an excellent way to ensure your blood sugar levels remain in a healthy range. Exercise triggers your heart to speed up, ensuring that the glucose in your bloodstream is used up faster. Exercise also releases endorphins which will improve your mood. Check your blood sugar while working out to prevent it from dropping too low.

(3) Try a protein-packed snack. If you need stabilize and slow the absorption rate of glucose try a protein snack. A symptoms of high blood sugar is hunger, so satisfy your stomach’s cravings and lower your blood sugar simultaneously by feeding yourself some protein. Remember, don’t reach for a protein that has a high sugar content or it won’t help. Good sources of protein include sugar-free peanut butter-butter or cheese.

The most important behavior you need to practice regarding your diabetes is to pay close attention to how you feel. So, if something feels out of sorts, more than likely it is—so test your blood sugar and if it is high, do something about it. In the long run, it is easier to do to keep your blood sugar under control than facing the consequences of doing nothing at all.

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