The Ultimate Diabetes-Friendly Smoothie Recipe

Diabetes-friendly smoothies

If you have diabetes that doesn’t mean you have to give up good foods. Vegetables and fruits are highly recommended because they are jam-packed with essential nutrients and they usually don’t contain that many calories.

Those with diabetes also need to ingest lots of dairy foods because of their rich content of probiotics and calcium. Such foods include Greek yogurt, kefir, and low-fat milk.

Diabetes-friendly smoothies are a fun and delicious way of eating all these foods. You just need to keep it healthy and avoid the extra sweeteners.

What’s the Ultimate Recipe?

It’s really a hard question to answer. Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to choosing fruits and mixing them with other ingredients. Strawberries and peaches are usually on everyone’s top five fruits list, so let’s try with this one.

You need a cup of frozen peaches and strawberries, a cup of original Almond milk, and no more than 3.5 ounce Berry Chobani Champions Greek Yogurt. Mix them all together in a blender.

Go Man Go

Among the most popular diabetes-friendly smoothies is the one where mango plays the lead role. Take one fresh mango, remove the skin and the pip, and cube it. Add a peeled and chopped banana, a cup of rice or almond milk, and a cup of Greek yogurt for the ultimate diabetes-friendly smoothie recipe.


Even though you can’t really go wrong with diabetes-friendly smoothies, you should play around and make your own perfect recipe. We’ve offered you two, just to get you started and inspire you to be creative!

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