When Added to Coffee this Secret Ingredient Can Lower Blood Sugar

The Benefits of Mushrooms and Coffee Revealed

Indigenous people have been drinking their mushrooms for thousands of years and benefitting from the health benefits.

Forget about the double latte with soy milk, I’ll take mine with a splash of milk, no sugar, and extra mushrooms, please. What!?  Mushrooms in coffee, that can’t be a thing, can it? Not only is it a thing, mushroom coffee can transform your morning cup of java into a healthy elixir. According to Four Sigmatic mushroom coffee is a unique blend of powdered wild mushroom and organic coffee grounds that delivers powerful health benefits.


Featuring two types of mushrooms, the maitake that regulates blood sugar levels, and the chaga, that helps to reduce the coffee’s natural acidity making the beverage easier on the stomach. Research already suggests that coffee has the capacity to boost our metabolisms, prevent Alzheimer’s and lower our risk of depression. Four Sigmatic claims that medicinal mushrooms boost brain power and provide energy with without side effects.