Why Yoga Is the Best Exercise for Diabetics

the best exercise for diabetics

Exercise is one of the top ways that people with diabetes can protect their health. After all, a sedentary lifestyle can lead to weight gain and blood pressure issues. But what is the best exercise for diabetics?

The Perks of Yoga

Research indicates that yoga can be beneficial to diabetes patients in a number of ways.

It Is a Great Way to Achieve Weight Control

Some dieting methods may not be safe for people with diabetes. But yoga can help anyone avoid weight gain and it doesn’t tax the body. It’s also a very low-risk exercise, even for people with mobility problems.

Yoga Also Helps Control Blood Sugar Levels

According to the Journal of Yoga and Physical Therapy, yoga improves glucose levels even in the case of severe diabetes.  It can also keep blood pressure levels and cholesterol levels under control.

It’s important to keep in mind that yoga includes breathing exercises. This is one of the reasons that many consider it to be the best exercise for diabetics. After all, breathing exercises are a great way to protect your cardiovascular health.

It Can Help Lift Your Mood and Outlook

Diabetes can come with mood swings and feelings of dread and uncertainty. Many diabetics feel disoriented and discourage, especially if their diagnosis is still new. Yoga is a great way to start getting your life back on track.

You Can Match It to Your Own Pace

People with diabetes need to take care to match their exercise regime to blood sugar fluctuations. Additionally, many diabetics have to deal with joint pain. This limits their exercise options considerably.

But whatever your individual needs may be, a good yoga instructor will be able to match them.

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