Chef’d: Recipes and Ingredients Delivered Straight To Your Door

November marks the American Diabetes Month. With an estimated of 29 million Americans living with diabetes, the American Diabetes Association (ADA) wishes to put the spotlight on the journey of families and friends who strive hard to fight against diabetes. To learn more about the campaign, I invite you to visit their website by clicking here.

One of the most frustrating for people living with diabetes is going out to eat. Why? That’s because very rarely are the plates well-balanced. For the most part, there always seems to be a lot of starch, meat, and very little vegetables. Oh, let’s not forget about the dessert. Hélas, calculating the number of carb eaten at the restaurant can be a huge headache.

This is why I am very excited to introduce the hidden jewel that I just stumbled upon: Chef’d. Chef’d is a meal-kit company designed to deliver pre-portioned ingredients straight to your home, along with easy step-by-step guide recipes. Ingredients stay fresh since they are packaged in an “insulated and temperature controlled box.” No subscription needed and deliveries are made all across the Contiguous Unites States. The best part of it all? Chef’d partnered up with the American Diabetes Association to provide diabetic-friendly meal plans approved by registered dietitians.

Renowned chefs like Fabio Viviani (Top Chef), Melissa D’Arabian (Food Network Star), and Becky Reams (Masterchef) are all part of the awesome team at Chef’d.

For more information about Chef’d, please visit their website by clicking here.

Bon Appétit!

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