Ready For (Another) Vacation? Go on a Diabetes-Friendly Cruise!

School has just begun all over the U.S. and summer vacations are sadly coming to an end. That doesn’t mean that you can’t already start planning your next vacation, though.

The problem?

When people go on vacations, they tend to throw all caution to the wind and indulge in basically everything they please. They are on vacation, after all.

For people with diabetes, this can wreak absolute havoc on their bodies. Continental breakfast, drinks by the pool, and an all-inclusive buffet dinner can make glucose levels go haywire.

However, healthy options aren’t always easily available in many vacation resorts and locations. Until now.


All Vegan Options Available on Oceania Cruises

Oceania Cruises offers deluxe vacations all over the globe. One of their best-known qualities is the menu list on each cruise line. Juicy prime rib and fresh wild caught salmon were among some of the dishes. The irk? With the growing trends toward veganism and a plant-based diet, many potential customers were excluded in this exciting part of the cruise.

Well, Oceania Cruises heard their complaints and is now offering all vegan options, as well. Not only that, but they will be including fresh pressed juice bars throughout the ship, green smoothies with breakfast, and acai berry bowls for those endlessly sunny days.

The new menu includes more than 250 dishes and includes everything from appetizers to desserts, too.

Don’t know where to begin?

For breakfast, opt for a green smoothie to get your fiber and greens in right at the start of the day. For lunch, start with a Tuscan-style white bean soup, a delicious salad filled with colorful veggies,  and spinach stuffed pasta with a delicious olive tapenade sauce. Oh, and a chocolate vegan-ricotta pie for dessert.

Then for dinner, opt for the red Thai curry because it’s delicious whether it is vegan or not (which it is!).

You will not even notice that you are not only eating healthy but you are also on a cruise. It’s a win-win!


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