10 Best Fruits for Diabetes [Part 1]

Although fruits fall into the healthy category in the food department, diabetics should be aware of the fruits they eat and how they are consumed. Why? That’s because despite the high levels of vitamins, minerals, and fiber, too much fruit means excess carbohydrates and sugar which can send your blood sugar climbing the hill. Canned fruits or fruits with added sugar ought to be avoided due to the higher sugar content albeit at the same portion. Every fruit has a different glycemic index, which means that their effect on blood sugar levels varies.

Here are 10 best fruits for diabetics.

#1 – Berries

Berries are the summer superfoods not to miss out. Loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, and fiber, these tart, little fruits enjoy a low-glycemic index, so it won’t raise your blood sugar like white bread does.

To get the most bang for your buck, scan your berries when you arrive home. Ged rid of the bruised fellas to avoid spoiling the whole bunch. They should last up to a week. If you have the bad habit of leaving your food sitting in the fridge, there is always the option of freezing them or make ice pops out of them.

Give your boring, plain yogurt a burst of freshness and color with these tangy berries. Hate drinking water? Flavor it with these edible delights for a touch of sweetness.


#2 – Apricots

Apricots are small golden orange fruits that are perfect for diabetics because they are low in calories and carbohydrates and high in vitamin A and fiber. Available fresh in the summer, they are the perfect companions for salad, cereal, or low-fat yogurt or cereal. Although not a personal fruit of mine, it can be made into a delicious homemade jam which I much prefer. There are also unsweetened dried apricots out there which you may like better. When purchasing, look for a rich orange color and for the ones that are slightly soft to the touch.

#3 – Oranges

One orange fulfills the recommended daily intake of vitamin C per day. It has a low glycemic index (only 5!) and contains blood pressure-lowering nutrients like folate and potassium. Not only fiber is beneficial to your digestive system but aids to modulate blood glucose levels by delaying absorption into your system, leading to fewer spikes. Other citrus fruits such as grapefruit, tangerines, and lemons are great choices for diabetics too.

Afraid of wasting? Try out a recipe for an orange pound cake with orange glaze! Or have a glass of fresh orange juice (without sugar added of course!).

#4 – Kiwi

If you have never tried this fruit before, do not be fooled by its brown fuzzy exterior. The bright green interior is filled with small crunchy black seeds that are perfectly safe to ingest. In fact, it adds a unique texture. An excellent source of vitamin C, potassium, and fiber, kiwis also contain inositol, a compound that controls blood glucose by enhancing insulin sensitivity. This fruit is available in most stores throughout the whole year and can be kept in the fridge for up to 3 weeks or more.

Buy in a bundle and try using kiwis in your baking! Kiwi tarts or kiwi muffins are unconventional and amazing and will surely surprise your friends and family. Share the love!

#5 – Guava

Guava is more common in warmer climates. It has a low glycemic index and is extremely high in fiber. Some studies have even claimed that it may be able to lower the risk of type 2 diabetes. The fragrance it exhumes when ripens is sure to goad you into trying it! Guava is unexpectedly very versatile. It can be used to make guava jelly, cake, pudding, other pastries, jam, and even as a glaze on a main meal!

Stick around for Part 2 that will be coming up shortly!

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