Chronic Kidney Disease May Be an Early Sign of Diabetes

chronic kidney disease may be an early sign of diabetes

Do you, or someone you know, have chronic kidney disease? In the past, diabetes was a good indicator of chronic kidney disease risk. But, recent research suggests that chronic kidney disease may be an early sign of diabetes.

Chronic Kidney Disease: Overview

Chronic kidney disease is an increasing loss of renal function. Sometimes, it’s over a period of months. But, often it can take years for complete renal failure.

This disease is also called CKD, or chronic renal failure. And, there is no known treatment or cure for the condition. Instead, doctors seek to relieve symptoms. This includes slowing the progress of the disease.

However, without the use of dialysis or a transplant, the long-term prognosis is fatal.

The Link Between Diabetes and Chronic Kidney Disease

In the past, experts believed that diabetes might put someone at higher risk for CKD. Yet, experts thought that diabetes came first. New research suggests otherwise.

According to researchers, many suffer from CKD symptoms before they are even identified as diabetic. This conclusion comes from looking at health records from Veterans Affairs. The data points to more than 30% of veterans who were diabetic showed CKD symptoms before a diabetes diagnosis.

The Problems with Pre-Screening

Early screening for CKD may help slow disease progression. However, the problem lies in pre-screening protocols. Only “at-risk” patients receive testing for CKD.

Unfortunately, if a person doesn’t know, they have diabetes. They also won’t get tested for CKD. Researchers suggest better knowledge application about CKD.

Better knowledge may help point out who is a candidate for screening. Furthermore, there are other high-risk factors along with diabetes. This may also include race-ethnicity, high blood pressure, obesity, family history, and heart disease.

Final Thoughts

Even if a person is not diagnosed as a diabetic, chronic kidney disease may be an early sign of diabetes. So, it’s a good idea to look out for warning signs. And, if you are in the high-risk group, speak to your doctor about CKD screening.

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